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DAIKIN Home C°mfort Expert

HCE Program defines the strong relationship between the selected distribution partners (the installer) and DAIKIN Central Europe. The program offers excellent business opportunities and potential for growth through marketing support, special services and unmatched conditions.

Better conditions, solutions and services receive even all Home C°mfort Expert Partners customers.

HCE partners have passed the strict selection procedure in order to offer you the highest possible service for DAIKIN products.

In our warehouse we have DAIKIN units designed for your home and regularly attend training courses that we will offer the best possible service. Furthermore, we can always rely on Daikin technical support and we can get additional special provisions, guarantees and claim conditions from which you - end customers - benefit.

Home C°mfort Expert partner can benefits from a comprehensive package of broad marketing support services, training tools, excellent products and prices. We can build on strong and credible partnership that leads to a higher level of service to their customers and higher sales.