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About us

The company COLTBURG, s.r.o. was founded in 2000. The aim was to create a company based on friendship and mutual respect, as is typical for companies with fewer employees.

We strive to build relationships with our business partners that will not start and end with money. With our results we want to achieve respect with experts and success with our customers.

Our team considers working in COLTBURG, s.r.o. for its mission, and this is reflected in our approach and in the quality of services provided.

We sell, install and service air conditioners and heat pumps. The company currently consists of sixteen regular employees and several external employees.

Our services also include the development of products for the control and monitoring of Daikin air conditioners via the Internet.

Online controller KKRP01A

Online Controller - KlimaNet KKRP01A enables an indoor DAIKIN split indoor unit to connect to an IP network through an Ethernet port. Air-conditioner becomes LAN client, which is remotely controlled by PC, tablet or smartphone inside LAN and remotely from the Internet.

It supports e-mail and SMS notification about all status, conditions and malfunctions of the A/C system. Synchronous control of multiple indoor units (up to 32) by one remote controller.

For DAIKIN split unit with R-32 refrigerant, it is necessary connect KlimaNet KKRP01 to indoor unit via Shifter Modul.



Online Controller - FAQ

Download app

The easiest way to control your Daikin air conditioner.

Purchase and install a Klimanet KKRP01A adapter for each system you wish to control.

Free registration and access on our webserver.

Download the KlimaNet app for your iOS or Android phone.

Enjoy the benefits at home:

  • Turn your AC on at home before your arrival.
  • Check AC status when you‘re away.
  • Multi-level control for use by others, i.e. children.
  • Email notifications for preselected events.
  • Group control (up to 32 units).
  • Server room system rotation and backup.
  • Relative buget electricity consumption for multi and super-multi installations.

Download your free iOS or Android app for your phone.

* Note - Remote control of Daikin air-conditioners via tablets and smartphones is possible after purchasing and installing the adapter Klimanet KKRP01A. The price includes free lifetime access to


„If your Daikin air conditioner goes wrong don‘t call me. Why? Because I call you!“


„It is very likely that if you have just decided to control air conditioner, you are holding your phone but not the remote controller (you would have to find it ).“


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