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SNMP management

KlimaNET KKRP01A provides management of Daikin split air conditioners over Internet Protocol (HTTP). It’s an adaptor, through which air conditioner unit can communicate over local computer network, Internet, SNMP or ModBus protocol. It provides these benefits:

● full-value online monitoring of all parameters of all air conditioning units and systems by using SNMP standard including fault management based on SNMP TRAP which provides perfect review about functionality of air conditioning at unattended station

N+1 configuration
● for application with high importance KlimaNET offers reconnection of 2, 3 or 4 air conditioning units into groups in configuration n+1, where there is enough n units for cooling and one more is reserve. There is provided gradual activation of air conditioning by cooling request.

● when N+1 configuration is used KlimaNET provides automatic A/C swapping with aim to reach equable use

KlimaNET provides connection of reserve power supply 48Vdc as well as ventilator at 48V, which provides emergency ventilation from battery power supply when the electricity doesn’t work (regulation temperature will rise at default emergency level with the aim to safe energy

KlimaNET MIB Table Guide

KlimaNET MIB Tables: KlimaNETTTCbasic.mib, Online_Controller_MIB_table.mib, ttcbasic.mib

Complex remote control based on SNMP protocol aimed for objects of power industry, military and security departments, telecom operators, etc. By adding module KlimaNET, which supports SNMP protocol, there is possible to integrate under one server application (SNMPc, HP OpenView) also air conditioning equipment, which allows to monitor all parameters, control of components and fault management together with other telecommunicate equipments in the network.

If an user/provider uses SNMP management (e.g. for IT equipment control) there is possibility to implement every A/C unit equipped by KlimaNET into existing management (HP OpenView, SNMPc, WhatsUp Gold, …), which appears like SNMP agents.

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COLTBURG, s.r.o.
Contineo s.r.o.




Implementation of A/C units into existing SNMP management