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ModBus centralized control

  • 142 classical wall units CTXS with infrared remote controller

  • 16 classical wall units FTXS with infrared remote controller

  • 8 outdoor units RXYQ-P of VRV IV system

Each compatible indoor unit (equipped with S21 port) is connected into ModBus network via KlimaNET KKRP01A.

Units without port S21, are also equipped with S403 adaptor which allows connection of KlimaNET KKRP01A to air conditioning unit.

Project Details

Installation Location:

Office Building
Bratislava, Slovakia


Air-conditioner control via superior BMS (ModBus)


June 2013


COLTBURG, s.r.o.
Contineo s.r.o.


Proportional distribution of energy costs