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KlimaNet KKRP01A

Online Controller for Daikin A/C systems
Easy way to control DAIKIN air conditioner by iPhone, smartphone, or PC via internet. Ideal for monitoring even older DAIKIN air conditioners in server rooms or at home.

Optimal residential solution
Online controller KlimaNet KKRP01A offers remote control of each air conditioning units via the Internet (HTTP protocol) from anywhere (office, bussiness trip, hotel, …). Simple and user friendly screen enables to manage your air conditioner also from your mobile phone, when any Internet connection availlable, (from hollidays, from car, etc.) via GSM operator’s Internet or data services.

Comfort benefits
• remote control enables to switch on and fit up the temperature before arrival
• remote parental control of well-balanced temperature setting, when children are home alone
• unique tool for paralyzed and disabled people, they can control air conditioning on their own by specialized computers
• online check of your air conditioner status, malfunction detection with Error Code helps to speed up time neccessary for the repairment
• 3G / WiFi configuration for objects without cable Internet connectivity (lodges, cottages)

Other benefits
• KlimaNet KKRP01A doesn’t forget to switch off the air conditioner, when leaving home or office
• temperature limitation avoids of excessive configuration
• user can switch ON the A/C before the arrival using SmartPhone
• user comes to pre-cooled space and he didn’t waste extra energy unlike using a timer

Cooling of sensitive technologies - Corporate solution
Cooling of sensitive technologies is important for rooms/objects of power industry, military and security departments, telecom operators, etc. By adding the web controller KlimaNet, which supports standard protocols and application, there is possible to integrate air conditioning equipment, which allows to monitor all parameters, control of components and fault management together with other telecomminucate equipments in the network.
• remote monitoring of air conditioning systems enables safe operation of sensitive devices
• targeted to sector if IT, Telecom, Measurement technologies
• no personal attendance required to know temperature conditions
• detailed online information about A/C malfunction in selected language
• regular temperature check, warning when out of limit
• swapping or N+1 configuration for high importance A/C and IT systems

Heating under control - Corporate solution
• KlimaNet kKRP01A keeps heating mode and blocks other modes during winter. As a primary heating system, heat pump needs to avoid of confusion, sabotage or child thoughtlessness Immediate malfunction report speeds up the repairment. Error details eliminate the need of error detection on place, enable servician to get ready and repair the system at first visit
• in instances, where central Building Management System (BMS) controls all HVAC devices using a network based on Modbus RTU protocol, the OnlineController KKRP01A - KlimaNet can work as adaptor for connecting DAIKIN split series IU’s to ModBus network
• possibility of creating and recreating of air conditioning zones and groups exactly according to rooms disposition (open-space with more units, etc.) it allows intelligent and effective indoor unit management
• billing implementation for measuring and quantifying real usage of energies, costs savings, etc

Server for A/C management

Technical support, Trading & marketing
mobile: +421 903 616 615
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Project Details


COLTBURG, s.r.o.



Jednoduchý spôsob ovládania klimatizácie DAIKIN prostredníctvom smartfónu alebo PC cez internet.


Ideálne pre ovládanie aj starších klimatizačných jednotiek DAIKIN.